2020 has a lot to answer for!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Thanks to corona virus many of us have had to rethink how we make a living. For the last several years I have owned and run a successful wedding cake business and up until March this year I made wedding cakes and sugar flowers for mostly large scale events with guest numbers normally averaging around 100.

Along came corona virus and put a stop to all of that. No weddings at all for months on end and when they were finally allowed again, no more than 15 please!

Everything ground to a halt. The weddings that were booked all got moved to 2021, nobody was booking a wedding cake as we didn't even know when they could go ahead, and people certainly weren't looking for a grand cake to serve 100s of guests. My business was no longer even considered viable by the government.

Time for a complete rethink.

My sugar craft skills and my ability to make realistic sugar flowers have seen my work featured in various magazines and won me many awards over the years. I've always loved the flower making, the research required and the attention to the small details that bring the flower to life. What I needed was a way to use what I could already do but put a new spin on it. What if I could make my flowers out of something that would last, something that people could keep for years?

The time that I now had on my hands meant that I had the opportunity to experiment. I could spend time figuring out ways to create the flowers that I love, using an entirely different medium. If I could make flowers that would last for years then I could create floral keepsakes. I could offer wedding flowers reproductions and recreate flowers that were no longer in season. I could bring the flowers and plants of our countryside in to people's homes.The possibilities were endless!

The possibilities were also exciting!!

I had found my way.

2020 will always be the year that things went pear shaped for all of us, but for me it will also always be the year that pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to find a way to bring my passion for the plants, flowers and trees of our countryside to life.

It is how Wildgrove came to be.

Single white rose stem created petal by petal, all by hand.
Hand crafted white rose

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